Tape and Cover

Tape and Cover

Multi-surface protection in minutes - only one pair of hands needed to get the job done

Whether this is your first time painting, or you are a professional painter and decorator, no-one can avoid the occasional paint splatter, drip and spill. Masking and covering is an essential part of the preparation no matter how big or small the job.

Earlex offer a tape and cover solution specially designed for one pair of hands; it doesn’t matter whether you are painting with someone else or you are alone, covering even large area’s is quick and stress free.

This two in one product offers masking tape with an attached drop sheet. It speeds up preparation time whilst not sacrificing the quality and accuracy of coverage and masking. The drop sheet film is a high density material, yet slick and lightweight. It comes in different length options with a static coating; allowing the drop sheet to comfortably cling to any surface providing great slip resistance both indoors and outdoors.

It is lighter than paper, easy to tear and the masking tape leaves no sticky residue behind after use, even if you need to keep items covered over a couple of days. The masking tape helps assist painting accuracy for clean crisp paint lines and definition.

A no mess, no fuss solution that is economical, easily disposable, absorbent and impenetrable compared to many other solutions. It comes in a tough dispenser case with a serrated edge to keep the tape and cover neatly stored, assisting with easy tearing on the job. This product is not only useful for protection against paint but also general surface protection; if you are sanding items the static coating will catch the dust, it is also great for covering furniture and household objects.

Tape and Cover can be purchased from the Earlex Store in either a 2.7m x 16m roll or a twin pack with 0.55m x 33m rolls.

Tape and Cover

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  • 400 Plastic Dispenser Case
  • Serrated Dispenser Cutter Edge
  • Masking Tape
  • HDPE Static Drop Sheet
  • 2 Size options: 16m x 2.7m and 33m x 0.55m

  • Mask of area’s with accuracy
  • Cover areas with speed
  • Protects large areas from all forms of dirt and liquids
  • Easy to use and only one pair of hands needed
  • Fast to tear and clings to all surfaces

  • Interior Walls and Ceilings
  • Windows and Doors
  • Floors and Ceilings
  • Glass and Textiles
  • Furniture and Household Objects