About us

Earlex - DIY & Professional Power Decorating & Cleaning

Earlex provides the most advanced, market leading, DIY and Professional, HVLP paint sprayers, wallpaper strippers, heat guns and steam cleaning equipment.

Earlex Limited, established in 1987, launched the world’s first DIY steam wallpaper stripper and to date has sold over seven million. Earlex export a wide range of power decorating tools and power cleaning products globally which are then sold within major retail chains.

Its power decorating tools are innovative, yet affordable and have continued to grow from strength to strength, establishing itself as a consumer favourite. Its market leading HVLP SprayStation products have won many awards within the industry, selling two million HVLPs units worldwide.

Earlex is also well known for its heat guns and steam cleaning equipment.

In 2005, Earlex moved into the Beauty industry with its range of spray tanning machines and tanning guns available for both mobile and salon tanning distributors. Using HVLP technology its tanning machines and guns give an instant, long-lasting, streak free tan.

As of November 2013 Earlex is now part of the WAGNER GROUP of companies. WAGNER are a leading global specialist in surface finishing technology.