Earlex - Paint Sprayers, Wallpaper Strippers, Heat Guns

Earlex is a leading provider of HVLP (high volume low pressure) paint sprayers with the SprayStation range of products. The company launched the first electric wallpaper stripper and is the market leader in the UK, to date over seven million Earlex wallpaper strippers have been sold around the world. Earlex also provides an extensive range of heat guns and steam cleaning solutions. US

Consumer Products

From Spray painting equipment, wallpaper strippers, heat guns and steam cleaning Earlex provides a range of DIY tools for a wide variety of jobs in and around your home.

Professional Products

Earlex professionally rated product are hardwearing and durable for frequent use by professional painters and decorators. The range includes paint sprayers, wallpaper strippers and heat guns.

What our customers say

  • “I purchased the Earlex 5500 sprayer just a couple of months ago and it has changed the way I finish. Spraying is something I should have done years ago but was always leery of how it would come out. The 5500 has changed all that for me.”


  • “I have the 5500 and love it. I’ve sprayed professionally for over 25 years and when I retired and now only work in my small shop at home, I decided to go with an HVLP system and decided on the 5500. I’ve been using it for the past couple years and it’s done a great job. I’ve built two complete kitchens since retiring and all the spraying was done with the Earlex.”


How to strip wallpaper

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