Ultimate Heat Gun – HG2000LCD

Ultimate Heat Gun - HG2000LCD

Electronic heat gun that’s built to last with LCD numerical temperature display for precision perfect heat application

This professionally rated heat gun comes with a hardwearing body, tough ceramic heater and stay cool handle. The heat gun has an LCD screen to indicate temperature settings, the unit has 2 switch settings which allow variable adjustable fan speeds and temperature control.

The electronic display has a handy function that remembers the last heat setting you used great for on-site jobs or larger tasks.

The heat gun comes with six interchangeable attachments to suit a variety of projects including a concentrator nozzle for bending plastic, a detailed hook scraper and flat scraper for effective paint removal, glass protection nozzle, deflector nozzle and a handy carry case for storage.

This heat gun is great for paint preparation, it blisters old paint making it far easier to scrape and remove. It can allow you to loosen and remove damaged vinyl tiles without affecting the surrounding ones. Removing window glazing filler is simplified and the LCD heat gun can also be used for defrosting, drying damp/wet surfaces, softening adhesive, soldering and bending pipes.

The Ultimate LCD heat gun gets the job done effortlessly and is the essential tool for any professional tool box.

Ultimate Heat Gun - HG2000LCD

Heat Gun Features

Best I have used
“I have used lots of heat guns and needed a new one when I bought an Earlex. A make I didn’t know but really pleasantly suprised as it is the best I have ever used. The range of variable heat is very wide and useful. The warranty is second to none. Only gripe is that the scraper included is a bit second division.”
Hot Stuff
“Good quality heat gun – no issues. Light years ahead of my old black and decker.”


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