SteamStation SC300

SteamStation SC300

Steam clean your way into a cleaner future

The SteamStation is a diverse tool that takes the stress and time out of deep cleaning.

In a sleek design the tank has a 1.2 litre water capacity to provide 30 minutes usage time from just one fill.

It has a neat attachment container in its body to store away all the small attachments and wheels for ease of movement.

The steam cleaner has a pressurised 1.2 litre capacity stainless steel tank operating at 3.5 bar pressure, the steam gun has different attachments to suit the specific task and a trigger allows you to release the steam when required.

This steam cleaner is a very effective way to remove dirt and grime that is ground into smaller crevices, fibres of a carpet or other objects and surfaces being cleaned. Steam cleaning allows you to deep clean and disinfect without the use of chemicals or abrasive materials.

The SteamStation comes with a handy water jug so it is simple to refill, it is quick to set up and has a fast steam up time.

With 11 different attachments, the steam cleaner can assist with a vast array of tasks These include: grease removal for hobs and BBQ’s, limescale removal around taps and plugs, deodorising fabrics, mopping floors, cleaning tiles and grouting, stain removal, disinfecting surfaces and killing bacteria, dust mites and mould. This system is also perfect for killing weeds in the garden in flower beds and patio’s.

A diverse steam cleaning system and must have home essential, this is the modern way to clean.


Steam Station SC300

Steam cleaning Features

Best Steam Cleaner
This is simply a brilliant product, I bought this to help steam clean a room before I decorated it, that was pretty awful. However as I demonstrated the equipment to my wife before I was to take it to the house to use it, I found myself cleaning our kitchen then my wife took over and steam cleaned everywhere she could. She, and I, were so impressed with it and all the tools. It has not yet left our home, it is still in use. It is that brilliant. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something to properly clean their home and especially their cooking area’s.”
Well worth the price
“The Earlex steam station I purchased nearly two months ago has been put to the test well and truly. From cleaning stoves through to household and car carpets the water reservoir lasts a long time and the multiple adaptors make getting into the nooks and crannies a breeze, good piece of kit and a great Buy!”

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 Robert Dyas  

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Q. Can I put any wallpaper stripping additives in my unit?
A. Although some of these additives are designed for wallpaper strippers they are not recommended for ours, as they can damage internal components.

Q. How do I remove stubborn paper?
A. Score the paper either with a knife or perforating tool then use steamer as normal.

Q. Can’t I just hold the plate on for longer?
A. Do not hold it in the same spot for more than 10 seconds, as there is a risk it will burst the plaster underneath.

Q. How close can I get to light switches with the plate?
A. Do not allow water or steam to enter light switches or power points. Isolate the power at the main fuse box and then remove the face plate. This will allow you to remove any old paper that is stuck behind the socket/switch by hand with a damp sponge. Replace face plate when finished.

Q. Is it safe to remove Artex?
A. Normally Artex can be removed using the same method for wallpaper although the steam time will be longer. CAUTION: Some textured finishes may contain asbestos which may be hazardous to health and which are subject to licensing controls operated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Q. How about ceilings?
A. Always wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) when using any Earlex appliance. We recommend that you will need eye and hand protection due to possible hot water discharge from condensing steam.