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Premier Wallpaper Stripper 77

Wallpaper stripper with two steam plates

Wallpaper Stripper 77

The Premier wallpaper stripper

is one of the fastest and easiest ways to remove all types of wall coverings and Artex.®. One of our most popular systems, it can cope with all manner of tasks. The 5 litre tank comes with a 2.3kw heating element that provides 78 minutes of continuous steam time from just one fill.

Once the water has reached boiling point the water evaporates and produces steam out of the plate. Not one but two handy steam plates are provided with the Premier wallpaper stripper; the first is a large steam plate, translucent in colour, which tackles larger area’s whilst providing visibility on application. The second is a small steam plate; perfect for hard to reach areas like corners, or by radiators and windows.

The steam penetrates through the old wallpaper and moistens the old adhesive beneath. The wallpaper will then become lose and can then be removed either by peeling off the paper or by scraping it off. The Premier wallpaper stripper comes with a precision scraper to remove the paper from the wall.

The system itself is made out of a lightweight material so it’s quick to move around. The system only uses water from the tap so it’s an environmentally friendly way to remove wallpaper, plus it’s cost effective to run.


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