Motorspray 3000

Motorspray 3000

Protect and customise your vehicle

The MotorSpray 3000 offers a portable spray system for applying coatings to vehicles. The spray gun designed to suit all skill levels, from the first time user to the expert installer.

The gun offers complete control with a spray flow adjustment setting to suit both fine detailed work and wider spray settings for larger areas of your vehicle. The fine needle and nozzle set up ensures professional results.

The powerful X-boost turbine has been designed for optimised atomisation for a superior finish. The turbine minimises the risk of ignition to ensure customer safety and has also been noise reduced for comfortable use over extended periods.

A wide working range is key to the automotive market and the MotorSpray 3000 has a 12 metre air hose for easy manoeuvrability. Safety features ensure electrostatic charge does not build up.

Complete Customisation

Rubber and acrylic coatings offer a cost effective solution for changing the colour of your vehicle typically saving 75% compared to the cost of a vinyl wrap.

If you get tired of the old colour simply peel off the coating and spray on a brand new colour.

Suitable for trucks, vans, cars, motorhomes, caravans and trailers as well as motorbikes and bicycles.

Protect your Vehicle

Rubber and acrylic coatings protect your vehicle from stone chippings, scratches and colour fading.

The depreciation of a vehicle due to chips and scratches is approximately 5% of the cars value (source some Automotive association).

Also used to protect a wide variety of products such as furniture, garden furniture, fencing, sheds and sports equipment such as snowboards and skis.

Motorspray 3000


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