Heat Guns

Heat Guns

Earlex heat guns come with a range of different features including variable temperature heat guns, digital heat guns with LCD display which reach temperatures ranging from 100-600°C. Heat guns come with a wide array of accessories to help with paint stripping, defrosting pipes, soldering, vinyl tile removal, bending plastic, heat shrinking and even lighting charcoal.

Heat Gun Overview

The Earlex heat gun range suits every need and personal skill level from DIY novice to a professional trades person. A heat gun emits a stream of hot air and is a safe alternative to a blowtorch. Heat guns make stripping paint or varnish far less time consuming. They are shaped like a gun that sit comfortably in the hand and when switched on an electric or ceramic element heats up and a fan inside blows a large volume of air across the elements giving a gentle yet very hot stream of air.

The outer body casing makes it safe to hold and the elongated body and nozzle attachments make it a controlled, safe and easy way to apply heat to a designated surface. A heat gun is an extremely versatile tool to have around the home and workshop.

Heat Gun Features

Heat guns are perfect for everything from arts and craft projects to home repairs. These are just some of the features of the Earlex heat gun:

  • Variable temperature heat guns
  • Digital heat guns with LCD display
  • Motors ranging from 1500W-2000W
  • Temperature ranges 100-600°C