Wet ‘n’ Dry Vacs

FAQ Wet 'n' Dry Vacs

What are the filtration levels?

  • The standard fit yellow cellulose filters are 107 microns.
  • The white polyester filters are 15 microns.

Dust is coming out from the blower hole.

  • The filters are clogged and require replacing.
  • They are damaged and require replacing.
  • The dust is to fine for the filters. Use collection bags WDACC19R.
  • The foam/paper filters are not fitted securely.
    :: Slide foam filter over float cage ensuring all vents are covered and there is a 10mm gap before the base of the motor housing.
    :: Slide paper filter gently all the way over the top of the foam filter and onto the shoulder of the motor housing.
    :: Seal the top of paper filter with the elastic band so the band pulls into the gap.

Note: it is important that the paper filter is completely enclosing the foam otherwise dust will escape through.

Can it be used for ponds and drains?

  • Yes and we recommend fitting the heavy duty WD filter WDACC13.

What is the tech spec of these vacs as the catalogues conflict with each other?

  • Specification: 230v, Air flow 33Ltr/sec, 1100W motor, Capacity 12ltr wet, 13.5ltr dry.
  • WD1000 – Hose length 1.8m, Working length 6M, paper filter
  • WD1200P – Hose length 4m, Working length 9m, cartridge filter, MIN PTO Approx 75watts Max PTO 1800W.