Wallpaper Strippers

Wallpaper Strippers FAQs

Can I put any wallpaper stripping additives in my unit?

Although some of these additives are designed for wallpaper strippers they are not recommended for ours, as they can damage internal components.

How do I remove stubborn paper?

Score the paper either with a knife or perforating tool then use steamer as normal.

Can’t I just hold the plate on for longer?

Do not hold it in the same spot for more than 10 seconds, as there is a risk it will burst the plaster underneath.

How close can I get to light switches with the plate?

Do not allow water or steam to enter light switches or power points. Isolate the power at the main fuse box and then remove the face plate. This will allow you to remove any old paper that is stuck behind the socket/switch by hand with a damp sponge. Replace face plate when finished.

Is it safe to remove Artex?

Normally Artex can be removed using the same method for wallpaper although the steam time will be longer.
CAUTION: Some textured finishes may contain asbestos which may be hazardous to health and which are subject to licensing controls operated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

How about ceilings?

Always wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) when using any Earlex appliance. We recommend that you will need eye and hand protection due to possible hot water discharge from condensing steam.