Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning FAQs

My house electrical circuit trips when the unit is switched on.

This normally means the element has overheated generally due to the unit being tilted during use and the element has blown. You can purchase a replacement unit from our Customer Service Team.

I have filled the unit with hot water as per instructions, but it will not heat up.

Empty it out and refill with cold water. Occasionally, filling the boiler from empty with very hot water can trip the thermal cut-out.

The unit almost comes to the boil but switches off again or just gets warm.

Unit requires descaling, use ordinary kettle descaler and follow manufactures instructions.

What is the steam pressure?

Approximate 2psi (0.1 bars). It is not sold as a pressurised system.

What is the small button on the back for?

That is a pressure release valve in case the hose or attachments get blocked.

There isn’t much steam coming out anymore.

It is nearly empty. Refill with clean water. A. It requires descaling. See instruction manual.
The hose or attachments are partially blocked. Let them cool off then blow down them.

There is water spitting out of the hose.

It is overfilled. Switch off and empty some out.

Steam is condensing in the hose. Switch off and hold hose upward for a few seconds. Then switch on and continue.

The floor towels keep falling off.

When fitting them, cross the drawstrings over then pull so the towel goes over the edge of the head. Tie one string off then pull the other one as hard as possible. Tie it off to its adjacent hook and repeat previous with other string. Then tie them together.

Will it clean my oven?

It is good for regular cleaning but deposits that have been left for a couple of years will need an appropriate cleaner applied to the oven.

Can I put additives in my cleaner?

No, this will damage it and invalidate the guarantee.

What about laminate flooring.

Yes but avoid steaming it for long periods otherwise it will warp or lift from the adhesive.