Earlex Pro-8™ Professional Non-Bleed HVLP Spray Gun

Earlex Pro-8™ Professional Non-Bleed HVLP Spray Gun

The spray gun for professionals

The Pro-8™ is the new professional non-bleed HVLP spray gun from Earlex.

The Earlex Pro-8™ spray gun is a streamlined, non-bleed die-cast aluminium spray gun. It has been engineered to provide a superior level of atomisation to ensure a flawless paint finish. The Pro-8™ spray gun has been ergonomically designed for user comfort and lightweight control. It is reliable and offers easy breakdown for maintenance and simple clean up.

Available in both Gravity-fed and Pressure-fed options which include:

360° rotating spray air cap

The 360° rotating air cap at the front of the gun allows complete flexibility in spray angle from horizontal to vertical and everything in between. This is especially useful when working in confined spaces or spraying on odd shapes.

Spray fluid volume adjuster

The Fluid Volume Adjuster is designed with a control dial to provide complete control over the volume of coating sprayed. Whether working on a small or large surface area, this feature allows you to adjust the volume of spray to suit the size of the job.

Spray pattern control adjuster

Unlike some other HVLP spray guns, the pattern control dial on the Pro-8™ spray gun is conveniently placed at the rear to allow you to easily change the spray pattern without needing to adjust the air cap. The pattern control can be set to either, a round pattern for intricate detail work or to an elliptical fan shape which widens as you adjust the pattern adjuster, ideal for different size surfaces.

Spray gun storage case

This sturdy, robust and reliable aluminium case will do an excellent job of protecting your spray gun. The inside of the case is built with a modular foam insert with specially sized compartments to store your spray gun, paint container and all your spare needles, fluid tips and air nozzles. The ultimate carry case for the serious professional.

Wide spray air cap

Exclusive to SprayPort® is the first ever Wide Spray air cap accessory which is supplied with the 7003 and 7005 SprayPort® products.

This innovative design sprays up to a 30% wider pattern*, giving you increased productivity on the job. The increased performance from the 7000 series allows you to achieve excellent atomisation with thicker coatings like latex and emulsion.

*Compared to the 1.5-2.5mm air cap


Earlex Pro-8™

Earlex Pro-8™ Professional Spray Gun Features

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