LCS Pro Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Earlex LCS Pro Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Professional wallpaper steamer that is compact yet powerful for frequent stripping use

The LCS Pro Steam® will remove all wallpaper types including multi-layered, painted and Artex®.

The LCS Pro Steam® retains the same performance features of the renowned LMB Steam Master® but is lighter and more portable as it doesn’t have a built-in step.

The unit comes complete with a large and small steam plate, 5 metre run cool anti-kink hose and 5 metre power cable. The unit is fitted with on-board storage clips to allow easy storage of both the hose and cable when not in use, making it easy to store and transport between jobs.

The unit has a large aluminium anodised water tank, capacity 7.5 litres, giving extended steam times, see the features for steam times for both 230V and 110V versions.

No messing around, this wallpaper stripper gets the job done, a professionally rated unit that is hardwearing and durable, a must have for the professional painter and decorator.


Earlex LCS Pro Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Wallpaper Stripper Features

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