Earlex HVLP SprayStation HV5500

Earlex HVLP SprayStation HV5500

A semi-professional HVLP paint sprayer for precision painting in and around the home and workshop

The SprayStation® HV5500 is a semi-professional unit designed for light contractor jobs, wood workers, serious DIY and automotive enthusiasts.

The lightweight and compact size of this paint sprayer makes it ideal for the workshop, home or job site use. Contractors can complete small to medium sized projects like interior and exterior trim, doors, walls, fences, shutters and more, much faster using far less materials in the process.

This system comes with a professional non-stick PTFE coated gun with a 2.0mm stainless steel needle, so it is tough, and can handle frequent use and is designed to spray a wide variety of paints and liquids. This non-corrosive gun can spray both oil-based and water-based paints and comes with a viscosity cup to ensure your materials are perfect for spraying.

Power and precision are where this paint sprayer excels. The metal gun comes with a fast push and click system that allows you to quickly change the spray pattern from vertical to horizontal or round. The size of each of the spray patterns can also be adjusted by simply opening up the aircap ring at the front of the gun. There is a paint volume control screw at the rear of the gun to change the amount of paint applied. The results provide a remarkable finish, with maximum control and minimal overspray – drips and mess will be a thing of the past. The paint sprayer also comes with a cleaning kit and spanner so it is quick and easy to maintain your unit.

The metal gun has a 1 litre pot so it is easy to fill and clean without the inconvenience of paint trays. Accompanied by a quick to grab carry handle and 4m hose, it allows you to move around and spray freely for any project providing a flawless finish every time.


HVLP SprayStation HV5500

Earlex SprayStation Paint Sprayer Features

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