DIY SprayStation – HV1900

DIY SprayStation - HV1900

Easy to use HVLP paint sprayer for small painting and decorating projects

The Earlex SprayStation® range caters for all levels with a selection of products to suit all painting and decorating tasks. The DIY SprayStation® has been cleverly designed for first time users with no previous painting or spraying skills.

This entry level paint sprayer is a cost effective solution for small jobs in the home and garden. The gun is simply designed and comfortable to hold with a small, compact and lightweight motor and carry handle; it’s easy to move and store away.

No need to waste time and effort with clumsy rollers and dripping brushes, it can spray all types of liquids onto different surfaces and uses much less material in the process. It gives smooth fantastic results time and time again. It provides superb professional results for even the most inexperienced user. It tackles tricky jobs such as stair spindles, corners, radiators and provides a great finish to doors and walls with no drips or brush marks.

Simple to set up, it has a dial to operate paint flow control which is twisted clockwise and anti-clockwise to change the amount of paint flow through the gun. It has a 1 litre spray pot and you can twist the direction plate on the gun to provide 3 different spray patterns; horizontal, vertical and round. Refilling the paint pot is simple and cleaning is hassle-free.

The HV1900 has its own ‘how to’ video which visually demonstrates how to use the gun, paint preparation, as well as tips and tricks to get you started.

DIY SprayStation - HV1900

Earlex SprayStation Paint Sprayer Features

“I have now purchased another one of these as they are fantastic. easy to use, easy to clean. just keeps on working, makes cornice painting projects easy and hassle free. Only gripe would be that you have to thin your emulsion down so it sprays with ease. this makes no difference to the finished project though. also the container could be larger so there is not so many refills. In short this is a great product that’s is simple and easy to use at an amazing price.”
Earlex HV1900 Paint Sprayer
“Wondered if a spray gun was a good idea when compared to a conventional brush for painting six fence panels. Took the plunge and expected to make a real mess, but the design keeps overspray to a minimum and cleaning was very straightforward. Normal Cuprinol worked very well and covered easily. Now confidently looking for other things to spray.”
Excellent product
“I bought this yesterday and to be honest I’m amazed with it. I have been using it to paint my fence. It gets it done so quickly with very little mess or over spray, I believe anyone could paint with one of these it’s that easy. It also creates such a professional job. I did about 25m of fencing with it yesterday and only had to clean it out once. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone. If in doubt have a look at the video’s of people using them on youtube.”

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hv1900-l0482-fc-manual DIY HV1900_manual


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Q. The spray is very blotchy/splatters. What can I do?
A. The paint requires thinning further (100 – 200ml of the appropriate thinner).

Q. What might be wrong if Intermittent spraying occurs?
A. The Pick-up Tube is loose. Push in.
A. The Paint Container is not tight enough. Hold the Paint Container and turn the Spray Gun.
A. The paint requires more thinning/mixing.

Q. It has stopped spraying during use. What might be wrong?
A. The Fluid Tip may be blocked with paint. Also, check the air feed hole underneath the Fluid Tip.

Q. I am getting an ‘orange peel’ effect. What can I do?
A. The paint is being applied too thick. Turn the volume down, spray lighter coats, and use a smaller Fluid Tip and Needle.
A. The paint is drying before it hits the surface. Hold the Spray Gun closer to the item being sprayed.
A. Spray Gun is not being held perpendicular to surface. Keep wrist and arm straight and move whole body. Keep Spray Gun an even distance from surface.

Q. Can I get different sized Fluid Tips?
A. Yes you can get 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.5mm for the HV5000 and HV7000 and 1.5mm, 2.5mm for the HV1900, HV3901.

Q. Will the SprayStation spray exterior emulsion/masonry paint?
A. Yes, but with sufficient dilution and a 2.5mm Fluid Tip. This is better for walls and smaller areas rather than a whole house exterior because you will need to apply approximately 3 coats.

Q. Do I need to mask anything?
A. Although there is minimum overspray with HVLP technology you will always get a spray mist in the atmosphere, so it is advisable to mask over appliance sockets, light fittings etc. Also, cover any furniture in the area you are spraying with appropriate sheeting.

Q. Can I use paint in the 4l Spray Pack?
A. No, only fence treatment or very thin liquids.

Q. Will the Spray Gun I use spray different types of paint?
A. Yes, but for different thicknesses different size Fluid Tips are available to achieve an improved finish. For example, 1.5mm for gloss paint.

Q. Does the viscosity guide cover all types of sprayers?
A. No, it is only for Earlex SprayStations.

Q. I have thinned the paint to the correct viscosity but it splatters everywhere, what can I do?
A. You will need to thin it further. The viscosity test is a general guide to get the paint flowing. The timings can vary amongst various paint manufacturers. Try adding 100 – 200ml of the appropriate thinner then stir. Next, lift out your stirrer and the paint should be running off it rapidly. When it starts dripping the drops should be perfectly round like rain drops and not clingy or lumpy.

Q. What do I thin the paint with?
A. Water if water based. White spirit if solvent based. Cellulose if cellulose based.

Q. Can I spray Hammerite?
A. It is possible to spray but you will need to thin it nearly 50:50 with Hammerite thinners.

Q. The paint I want to spray says ‘for brush or roller use only’. Can I spray this?
A. This is usually because the paint manufacturer does not test it fo spraying, However, most will spray with dilution. Always check with the manufacturer or our service department first.

Q. Can I use my SprayStation for artificial suntan solution?
A. No, the unit is not certified for this use or any other use not specified in the instructions. It will also invalidate the manufacturer’s guarantee.